New Mod Released

Hey guys Lockyz here…

Literally just then I released the first of many Side Projects.

The mod is called the Lockyz Experience Mod and it adds things such as:

Experience Steve This is a mob that if you kill him he drops a new item known as Experience Orb.

Experience Biome This is a biome that the Experience Steve spawns in. The biome consists of a lot of Experience Block.

Experience Orb This is an item that if you hold it when you right-click it will take away one and give you 100 XP WOW very OP.

Experience Block The Experience block is an aesthetic block that makes up the Experience Biome and the Experience Dimension

Compact Experience Compact experience is what happens when you put 9 Experience Orbs into a crafting Grid. It is also used to make the Experience Portal.

Experience Dimension This dimension consists of alot of Experience Block’s and Compact Experience.

Liquid Experience This liquid is… well it just basically spawn’s in the Experience Dimension.

And that’s it… BTW all the side projects will eventually add up to something else I am working on currently.


Bye Lockyz


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