Guy’s it’s dead it is Officially dead…

Now you guys may be wondering… “What is dead Lockyz… WHAT IS IT TELL ME?”

Or you guys may be wondering… “Calm down and tell us… Just stop reading our thoughts.”

Ok well maybe not… so my 3TB Hard Drive that had ALL my games on it (Besides my Windows store apps or some others that were installed before I got the two 3TB HDD’s) DIED… So that means that most of my Games ARE GONE… (Among some other important files that I still haven’t synced to the CLOUD)

This is it’s companion drive

So if one drive is dead does that mean that I have a replacement drive…

Well to answer that question I have to look at the Hundreds of the drives that I have in Boxes in my Bedroom… (Yes I still record and make my mods in my bedroom). So what was on my HDD… a lot of files from the LEDM plus some of my other mods that I am making…

If anyone wants to help me get the money so that I can get a replacement HDD please donate to the LEDM… (DO NOT ACTUALLY DONATE TO THE LEDM BECAUSE OF THIS POST… ONLY DONATE THERE BECAUSE YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE MOD… Or you can donate there because you want me to get paid for what I do… I AM OBVIOUSLY JOKING.)


So now that I have annoyed you guys enough I am going to end this post with a positive note… I am going to make a new mod based on the Dimensions from the LEDM… Please check it out here when it comes out… (I will post a link to the mod when it somes out on the LESP discord)


Lockyz 🙂


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