I am very sorry for my inactivity on this Website… I have been very busy with the new mod. At the moment the main way I have been sharing news has either been Reddit or Discord. I also have to go to school soon so I will be inactive for about 7 hours a weekday. Which gives me no time to look after myself, read social media, develop the new mod, update this website, talk to people on Discord, have some real life social interaction, have some break time and at least sleep for a few hours (Right now it is 11:06pm so this is the last thing I will be doing tonight) every day. I have so much more that I have to do that I either cannot talk about, don’t want to talk about, or is super secret information. I really hope that you all enjoy the new mod when it comes out in Beta on Curseforge (When it comes out I will make a blog post)


Anyway talk soon bye.

-Lockyz 11:09pm 1/7/2018


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