A MASSIVE problem with the gaming community

EDIT BEFORE PUBLISH: I realise this post is ALL over the place. I am working on my writing skill and will probably be able to create a better version of this post in the future

I’m gonna say I’m not against piracy, I’m also gonna say I’m not against companies trying to stop piracy. All I’m trying to say is the biggest problem with the gaming community isn’t piracy like media outlets want you to believe. It is greedy corporations that think that people who pirate only do it so they can play the game for free… we’ll sort of… I have pirated a game or two in my time… the games I pirated were EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE in my favour. But you will find websites on the internet that will say “yes we crack games and whatever so you can play it for free… though do something to support the developers of the game and buy it if you can afford it.” Im not saying this justifies piracy at all. Again I honestly dont give a rats ass what people do with their time. All i’m just saying is piracy is not the biggest problem facing our lovely community. Oh and by the way there are some game developers who don’t give a shit whether you pirate their game or not as long as you support them for creating the game in the first place. One of those people is Notch the creator of minecraft he has said that he doesn’t give a shit whether you download “cracked” versions of minecraft or not as long as you buy the game if you can afford it (not exactly in those words though). I myself am fine with people downloading cracked versions of minecraft to play on my server as long as you use the one we recommend (as I am pretty sure it doesnt give you viruses but anything is possible) so to end this “rant” im going to say that this was not me trying to say that piracy is good… I am also not trying to say to look up a piracy website and pirate every game in the book… all I am trying to say is there are fors and againsts for both sides… but if you do go in the way of piracy then please be careful I have lost an entire PC with SIX hard drives from not being careful and/or installing a virus scan (A paid one the free ones don’t do anything for you)

Goodbye for now



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