Things are changing

So first I would like to say thank you to everyone who follows the Development of my Mods.

Now onto what exactly is changing.

First off… This is no longer my main website. This is still the hub for all my mods but… I have moved the download Links and Information and stuff to their own websites. (Each is linked in the mods tab at the bar you see to the left of the screen)

You may be wondering… Why is the website being changed like this… well let’s just say that the navigation is NOT user friendly. I could barely navigate anything. One thing I must change is that Every Single site (Except for this one) Isn’t able to navigate to the other websites (I need to change it ASAP)

Now There are a lot of different changes that I must address. I am working on bringing the Pixymon Server Back online. I brought back my old Discord Server and I am working on a new mod (Called Project M0nsty) (Yes another Mod that I have to work on lol)

Anyway I hope you all follow the main site (Linked under Home) As all future posts will be on there.


The Lockyz Hub Discord Server

Pixymon 2.0 Discord Server


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