Pixymon 2.0 WHAT IS GOING ON

So basically I was going to make a Server called Pixymon 2.0 (A Minecraft one lol) anyway that Server kinda went downhill… I couldn’t afford to keep it running and No one wanted to join it. So while I was creating that server I created a YouTube channel and when the server was deleted I decided… hmmm what should we do with the YT Channel. So eventually I came up with the idea of turning it into a YT Channel that Traylon and I have together. So now Pixymon 2.0’s YouTube Channel is going to be a sort of Partner YT Channel. Anyway we will be recording a new video on the channel in the near future and I will be recording an Update Video for my main channel in the future as well… Anyway I got to go lol Bye Bye


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