Updates Mid-Feburary 2019


Since the last Update Post, I forgot to mention a few things that I think I should have

Lockyz Games

There are a few things I need to work on for a few games plus a few competitions that you can join.

Monsty Corp

There is a current competition running on the Lockyz Games Discord Server that allows you to gain your own Custom Character in the game… There are some legal things that go along with that to make it easier for me to do stuff with Custom Characters but I will discuss that with the winner.

Pokemon: Pixymon Edition

I need your submissions and Ideas for the game… If you want to suggest something head over to the official discord server to find out what you can and cannot suggest.



I have been working on a new bot for all my discord servers… But in doing so I created 2 more that I use to test new development features and features that are in beta… I plan on making the Lockyz Group Testing Discord Server Public for all people who want to help test the bots… but remember… some commands that we use can and will effect ALL servers that the main bot is on… Please do not use these commands if you don’t want a Lockyz Group Wide Ban.


I am going to work through making the rules the same throughout all the servers but I am going to take a while to do that since I am busy atm.

General Updates

I need to fix/add a lot of links on all the discord servers…

Lockyz Mods

The Lockyz Extra Dimensions Mod

I plan on making a new update for this mod… I have things to do atm (Like sleep it is 1:30am when writing this) so this will take a while for me to do since I am doing a complete remake

The Sims Mods

I am a big lover of The Sims and I want to bring something new to the community so I plan on turning some of my (Currently) private mods into public mods that you guys can download and use (Most of them either include the Pride flag or my logo but I have other stuff in the works)

Main Brand Updates


I plan on doing a lot more with the brand… like turning the Lockyz Group into a proper company (This will take me a while because I am too lazy) A few things are going to be renamed to better fit some of the changes I will be making this year. I will be making new logos for everything since I use the same sort of logo for everything.

Not so Important

I wish there were some not so important things to talk about

Pixymon 2.0

What is Pixymon 2.0

This was the name of a Minecraft that I used to run with Traylon and a few other friends. When I could no longer afford the server we shut it down and it became the shared YouTube Channel for me and Traylon.

The future for Pixymon 2.0

Since Traylon and I have done absolutely nothing with the Pixymon 2.0 YouTube Channel I plan on using it for something else or even renaming it since it is no longer associated with the Pixymon Brand (Pokemon: Pixymon Edition) If you have any ideas just email me at: [email protected]


I want to start making Videos again… with different Games then I have been playing… If you have any ideas just tell me on discord.

Website Updates

I have a lot I need to do for this website…

Firstly, I need to fix some links since I don’t use the lockyz domain anymore…

Secondley I want to add a YouTube Videos/Channels/Playlist’s page so that you can all keep track of my videos if you don’t want to use the YouTube Website.


I have a lot to work on… Which will take me a while to do… If you are confused by anything I have said just ask me on discord and I will be happy to help.


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