Forge 1.13.2

So I realized recently that Forge for Minecraft 1.13.2 has been released for ages… Does that mean I am going to update all the mods???

First off, Forge for 1.13.2 still doesn’t have a recomended release… meaning it has not been around long enough for the Forge Dev team to determine that it is mostly bug free.

Secondly, Forge for 1.13.2 has undergone a LOT of code changes… If I were to immedietly jump onto Forge 1.13.2 I would need to figure out what was changed… which imports are the same… which imports to change… which bits of code will no longer work

Thirdly, Barley anyone has updated their mods to 1.13.2 yet… If I just went and updated the LEDM, for instance, I would be waiting for A LOT of other mod developers to update their mods before people decide to use the LEDM since things like betterFPS and Optifine still do not have versions for forge 1.13.2 and the LEDM causes A LOT of lag on a generic machine.

Lastly, I really am trying to not get back into modding… In fact you can count all the mods I did myself as dead… I am working on updating the LEDM since that mod is mostly unfinished but I need A LOT of time to work on that… Aside from that… Most of the mods I did with the help of MCreator are not able to be updated to 1.13.2 until MCreator updates to use forge 1.13.2 (Which will probably be a while til that happens)

So I hope people realize why updating mods to forge 1.13.2 is a bad idea at this current time.

Thank you Goodbye


Head of the Lockyz Group


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