Updates March 2019


Yes I know I am late on updating everyone on what is happening this month…

Main Brand Updates

The Whole of the Lockyz Group is gaining new logos to better suite my vision for the group. Every single one is more simplistic and you may see the new logos used throughout the site.

Lockyz Games

Monsty Corp

While I was working on updates Discord decided to open up they’re game store to just about everyone… When I can afford to actually put Monsty Corp onto the Discord Games Store you will be able to buy Monsty Corp from it’s own discord server and updates will forever be done through there… The downloads on this website will be taken down and my Dropbox will finally have space.

Pokemon: Pixymon Edition

There is a lot I want to do with this game… but at the moment it is just a dead project so pay no attention to this game for now.

MC Weekend

This is a new thing I am doing… I will be trying to start a server for 4 Days every Month so that everyone can play Minigames together… It is still not fully setup but I plan on getting it done soon.


There was a lot that I wanted to talk about but couldn’t just yet… Once I can I will.

See ya real soon


Head of the Lockyz Group

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