Monsty Corp Alpha 1

Monsty Corp has been updated to it’s first Alpha Version.

We still have a lot of work to do so Alpha 2 will not be released for a while.

Alpha 1


  • New Screen on Startup (Using new Lockyz Games Logo)
  • Simulation Room
  • Temporary Background Music (Will be custom made in the future)
  • The First look at the Simulation Room Minigame (Currently in Alpha will be more complex in the future)


  • Enabled Intro Cutscene since it was broken in PreAlpha 8


  • Changed the Minimap system to use a different method of minimap generation

Bugs in this update

  • UI scaling bug is still in this update

Other Info

  • This update will be short so we can work on other things
  • If you find any bugs make sure to send a bug report on the discord server
  • We started adding an Easter egg but it won’t be active/able to be seen in this version

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