Discord Chat Share


The Chat Share bot is a unique bot that allows inter-server communication

Apply for access

If you own a server, remember that you can gain access to the chat share bot within your server by,
1) Join the Chat Share Hub
2) Go to the applications channel and follow our Application Format
3) L0ckyz will Join Your Server and review it
4) If you were accepted you will be sent a message by the bot and L0ckyz will require admin access to invite it.
5) If you were rejected then better luck next time.


1) Actual Rules on your server.
2) More then 3 Human Users Bot’s and Alts do NOT count.
3) You must have a channel specified for the Chat Share.

Chat Share Rules

1) No spamming in the chat share.
2) No advertising
3) No NSFW content
4) Don’t be rude
5) Do not Swear
6) Don’t do or say anything offensive
7) No spamming Chat Share Commands
8) Don’t go asking in the chat share for me to put the chat share in your server, you MUST follow the application process like everyone else.


Github (Not ready Yet)
Chat Share Hub

Remember that by inviting this bot you agree to the Lockyz Bot Development TOS