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So you may see “©Lockyz Group 2019” well that means that I LEGALY HAVE COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIP OVER EVERY SINGLE THING ON THIS WEBSITE (Except for links to other websites). So basically if you want to re-host my content or re-distribute them in any way without my prior consent then I can legaly send a DMCA takedown or sue you in court. There are limitations though… If you are sharing it privately (that means I should not be able to find my content on ANY another site other then this, CurseForge, Planet Minecraft or my Personal Github) then you are free to do so. You also cannot re-distrbute the textures or the source code to another site without my prior permission. And even if you get my permission you need to have proof otherwise I may think that you just re-hosted it without my permission. If you want to re-host my content then please contact me at [email protected] . You cannot Re-Host the Textures in my content. Not all may be owned by me and with those textures not owned by me I have permission from the owners of said textures. I also have ownership of the art portrayed on this website, the curseforge pages containing my mods, the Discord Channels, and the Planet Minecraft Pages containing my Content. If you want to any of my content in any of your own projects then please contact me at [email protected] . If you want more information please contact me at [email protected] .

Please note the information displayed on this page is subject to change and I can change the way I handle Copyright. If there is any confusion as to what is displayed here please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] .

If I change these terms I will notify all relevent people. This Page is not always up to date even though I try to keep up to date as much as possible. If you believe that this page is not up to date please contact me at: [email protected]