Some of the mods on this site are made with MCreator. MCreator is a program that lets you make Minecraft mods without prior coding knowledge (Although I have got a bit of custom coding in a few of my mods) Get MCreator here

I may use MCreator but I still did a bit of custom coding on most of the mods… If you have a complaint about me using MCreator please DO NOT TELL ME… I can use any program I want and I chose MCreator to use until I get proper Java knowledge… in the future when I am no longer going to school I will start going to a course on Java coding. I will also find tutorials on Forge coding and eventually completely remake all the mods using Java. So for now DON’T START WITH ME ABOUT THE PROGRAMS I USE OR I SWEAR I WILL FIND A WAY TO STOP YOU FROM DOWNLOADING MY MODS EVEN WHEN I USE JAVA TO CODE.

I no longer use MCreator for:

  • Project 2020
  • The Lockyz Extra Chroma Key Mod
  • I may move more out of MCreator in the future