Monsty Corp Alpha 1

Monsty Corp has been updated to it's first Alpha Version. We still have a lot of work to do so Alpha 2 will not be released for a while. Alpha 1 Additions New Screen on Startup (Using new Lockyz Games Logo)Simulation RoomTemporary Background Music (Will be custom made in the future)The First look at the …

Updates March 2019

Opening Yes I know I am late on updating everyone on what is happening this month... Main Brand Updates The Whole of the Lockyz Group is gaining new logos to better suite my vision for the group. Every single one is more simplistic and you may see the new logos used throughout the site. Lockyz …

Monsty Corp Alpha 4 News

We are currently working on Alpha 4 for Monsty Corp. The plan is to make this update the best it can be so we are working on fixing as many bugs as possible and finishing level one. If we have any more news we will create a new post. Thanks 🙂


So my PC broke... And to fix it I had to reset it... I am in the process of reinstalling all programs... I will be trying to get the monsty corp files, and some mod files (since I was working on a few mods) I hope I can get some stuff out in the next …

Monsty Corp Minimum Specs

Since we have been testing Monsty Corp PreAplha 8 a lot we have started gaining a minimum requirement to play Monsty Corp... We are going to write a whole page about it as soon as we are done testing. See ya all soon -Lockyz Head of the Lockyz Group