Please take note

The mods on this website are provided ‘as is’ and I am not accountable for any damages to your equipment or anything else from the use of Modded Minecraft. I am also not accountable for damages to your worlds/saves from the use of any of my mods. If one of my mods is incompatable with any other mods and breaks your save, please contact me and I will try my best to change the mod and fix the issue but this is only valid if you know my mod is the problem, in any other cases I will not do anything. If you find a bug then please contact me and then contact me again if I don’t fix it in the next update, but this is only valid if the next update comes out after 3 days. If your game crashes for any reason while using my mods then please send me the crash report through the contact page. If I ever stop working on a Mod I will write on all the pages that it is on that the project is abandonded. If you ever see one of the mods take to long to update then please DO NOT contact me or Creation.exe as the Mod may be getting updated to the latest version of Minecraft or may be getting converted to Java, although if it takes over 3 months for the next version to come out then please contact me or Creation.exe as there might be a problem. Thank you lovely reader for taking the time to read this.